How To Gain Instagram Followers FAST!

I want to talk about how to gain Instagram followers you guys seem to really enjoy my video on how to gain Twitter followers and he hadn't seen that video all play in the sidebar thing also put down one scripture Marsa don't miss that video if you haven't seen it and you're curious about how to gain his Twitter followers check that one out if you wanna know how the game Instagram followers just keep on watching. Case I would say guys everything that I know so that you guys can grow as well because I believe that everybody can buy 5000 Instagram followers achieve whatever it is like the success of their so much room at the top for people to grow for people to you know grow their numbers whatever I'm all for that I think we should all help each other out basically.

How I have increased 10000 Instagram followers within one month

buy 10000 instagram followers for $64If you know any tips that I don't mention this via definitely leave some Instagram comments down below to help each other out, because I think that is an awesome thing to do so when I first started getting serious about my Instagram account was a few months ago and I was sitting at just barely like 5000 followers and then since then might humor. Let's just see what my account's at 10000 Instagram followers now and these are some things that have helped me grow and iced noticed a growth in my account every week, every day and getting Instagram followers. I should make a very honest because these are some things that helped me and whether you're wanting to grow your small business maybe your wife just grow your account whatever it is like the reason behind it I feel like I know how to do this.

I also wanna say short disclaimer and just say I've never bought any Instagram followers and never bots likes I don't believe in that and when people do that they can get their accounts deleted by Instagram. That's high top wanted to it because I've seen it happen. I don't buy anything I just do certain things and my account grows just wanted to say that at the beginning. Because the first thing I wanna say is it's like any website or out Instagram, but the more you use it the more you're going to get out of it. Let's see use Twitter nonstop you're probably going to get more engagement with Twitter, because you love twittering, you love to use Twitter same thing with Instagram same there with you to have same thing with Facebook. If you like and comment in are engaged with other people's content that's gonna come around to your account.

Receive many comments from real followers on Instagram

Every day you make a promise yourself, that you're going to comments at least 50 comments or maybe you're going to comment, 0 comments every day you're going. More engagement happening with other users and those users probably are going to go check out your Instagram account same thing with blanks like people's photos, like your friends photos, like you know, like the top users photos, like likes and comments. Just being more active on the platform will get you more engagement on your account what I also want to mention is to coast consistently whatever. You want your feed to look like it's up to you it's your account do whatever you want, but I think when you post the best pictures that you have in your consistent that shows work. It really does show off it shows off you and your best light and whether you're like a photographer and he wanted to show off the best photos. You have do, that whether you're like a make-up artist and you want to really focus on make-up. Let's do that but show off your best work on your Instagram, if you have a photo that's a little bit grainy aerial that fuzzy probably not the best one to share. You can decide if you want shared are nice, but I really notice accounts and you like their best photos and they post consistent consistently that those accounts seem to grow quicker are there more maybe not quicker, but there's like a consistent growth. You'd notice they don't just buy a bunch of followers one week, because that's very obvious or they don't just buy a bunch a likes on a photo or to you noticed. That they're kind of moving forward even if it's at a slow pace I apologize my camera just went dead and I did a Snapchat leg dance up you're not funny on Snapchat plug.

Intensity of posts influences growth of new followers

Insistently posting your best content you're bound to gain followers because people are going to notice that though this is a very important thing deathly decent collaborations because collaborations lake again with any social media account is going to help you gross if you know someone. If you have friends a few family members you know people in your life that are doing the same kind of things you're doing reach out to them and see if they would like to collaborate with you, because that is a huge thing that I don't do personally enough love and I need to do more of that. Because that's how accounts growth especially let's say you're a make-up artist and you have son makeup items in your tutorial that you really like or if you know your photo or whatever it is you deftly tag does make a prancing your photo and keep doing that here's something that I actually really want to do that. I don't do it very consistently, but I really want to start doing this mora is targeting a specific brand and there's a possibility that. If I put that photo of an attack that Brandon I'm just using just their makeup they're gonna grab that Florida and put it on their Instagram. That's gonna be great for your Instagram account obviously same thing with clothing with food you know restaurants like whatever target brands in your photos.

I'm gonna go ahead and talk to you guys about some of the tools outside of Instagram that I really like he is and these are tools. That will not still ear count it's not illegal to use these tools a lot of people use these tools and it's totally safe and necessary one of the tools that I really like to use is iconosquare and iconosquare really helps you see where your engagement is more active on your own account. You put up a photo and he gets a lot of engagement letter likes a lot of comments and you have another photo and it doesn't do as well as this other photo you can see on iconosquare, which photos perform the best on your account and that way you can know in the future what your viewers when I see like who's looking at your Instagram account you can see what your target audience really wants to see your pictures.

Iconosquare will help to attract potential followers

IconosquareI also like to use Iconosquare, because you can see it when you are followers more active find the Instagram. At there is a very specific thing about timing when it comes to posting online and that goes with anything yeah it's gonna be a little bit different with Instagram. I've noticed for me personally some for some reason Wednesdays are great time deposed like especially around 2:00 PM my time. I live in Los Angeles California. For some reason that seems to be a great time to post a photo I get more engagement around that time that you have to see what works for you. And your account and iconosquare it will help you figure that out so deftly is that it's a free service I'll put in links below afoot in the description bar below.

 Another tool that I really like to use is an app called tax for likes and I like to use this app, because it helps you find some very popular tags that you could be putting on your photos to help create some more engagement and possibly more followers. I like to do when I post a photo is just have the photo if I want to put a hash tag in the description somewhere I will like it it's a certain daily weekly Saturday or Friday or whatever although handy that I don't like to feed my description too much with hash tags, because it just works desperate or it looks like you're really trying really hard which not what you want. What I like to do is be either the first or second comment. Leave a comment with more the hash tags and I've seen some people do this when I feel like little bullets see. Don't see like all the hashtags right away unless you like click on comments that's another way you can do it I like to be like the second or third comment on my photos. And just put Hashtags one other tool that I really like to use. This is a YouTube channel there's someone on each you that I really admire.

I think she is just a social media beast she knows how to do everything he knows how to get a follower on every out she is a brilliant she's amazing under her town down below Sonny go follow her go watch all 3 TV is because she is so helpful. She'll help you gain Snapchat followers, Facebook followers, Instagram followers, Twitter likes. All that I learned so much from watching Sonny and I think it's a really helpful channel. Deadly checker output hurling down below she is awesome, I love her.

That's pretty much it for this article, these are the steps that I've taken this year helped grow my account and again at the beginning of like a few months ago. I was only sitting around like maybe 5000 followers, but these are the steps I've taken to help grow my account. I believe you can do this with your account regardless of whatever you wanna push like I don't know what your kids you may very musician and maybe your artist maybe your photographer, maybe you went gold small business with your hats. I don't know what you have going on, but I know you can be successful growing your Instagram account.