I created this forum as I have a specific need and wanted a way to share that need with the network to see if anyone can help out

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(Just a note to new viewers, there is now also a "I need..." section on each person's profile...
i have a friend and colleague, barb hummel, who does work like this. i can send you her contact info and her vita, if you'd like. she's extremely skilled at creating safety so that the real and true conversations that need to happen can actually take place. i'll send you an email with her info attached. thank you for asking us!
Hey Alan, this is a great idea. I was just thinking, before I saw this, of adding a profile question "What I need". The other networking site I use most (Biznik) makes heavy use of this and its been very effective. I will add it right now. Then, when you are browsing somebody's profile and you see a need you can meet (free or professionally), you can respond to them.
I think 'what I need' will be far more dynamic than I would see a profile being.
In my head it was a forum for posting surrent needs.
If we could somehow build a search capabilty - A simple way to do this would be a way that we could download the profile info in .csv format we could pop it into a spreadsheet and sort on skills and pick from location ourselves.
Of course that sort of capacity in the download tool itslef would be just phenomenal.....
Ah well a man can dream.
I think that's a great idea Leif!
I'm looking for someone to reccomend to my company to work with members of a newly created Executive Leadership Team to examine the issues they will face intergrating 2 large(ish) multi site companies.
The previous head offices are in Troy NY and Lanham MD and I'm guessing tht is where most of the work will be needed.
As a fairly junior staff member of one of the 2 merging companies I don't think i'm the one to work with the ELT but I know that someone needs to.
Can anyone reccomend someone or even themselves
Hi Alan,

I'm interested in building a team approach. As much as I enjoy the AIN conferences and workshops, I left again this year with a vague sense of what people excel at, what their market is, how they really develop and debrief a workshop. I'll quickly add I'm not interested in seeing the AIN conference become an opportunity for sales pitches. Gross. But I hope we find a way to take that next step.

I suspect the knowledge comes with relationship, time and interaction. I'm very interested in seeing how the regional connections play out. I want to focus on that.

I have a similar situation at my office - I see a great need, but I can't do it. We need an "outsider". As Robin pointed out, there are important steps to take before anyone knows if it's a fit (or if the organization has a desire). In my "day job", I've come to respect the reality that just because I can help, just because I could improve the situation, if the "customer" feels no pain there is no opportunity for solution. I can ask them about "pain" but I can't force it. I don't want to.

After all this, my question is - has the leadership expressed an awareness of the challenge they face?
I have some very good suggestions on this possiblity. Hi Robin!
This is precisely the circumstance the company I am working with is designed to address.
Feel free to contact me at moknowspromo@gmail.com for more details.
I'm curious...is this something where there would be a desire to foster a new culture for the merged company or a matter of anticipating the problems in culture clash from the two companies or would be in working first with the ELT to get them on the same page and then think about rolling out some kind of training to the new company?
Thanks for your question it does help to clarify things.
It's a bit of all 3 I expect
First off I think there is a need for the ELT to be made aware of the issues of intergating 2 compainies into a new shared culture. After that i would expect there to be a need to work with many of the teams that form in the new merged organisation
I always think of these situations as great possibilities because it is the opportunity to set a whole new cultural course. I would think that the first order of business would be to get the ELT together and decide what kind of culture they want the new company to have and make sure that it does become a situation where two cultures fight it out to see which one will be the dominant one in the new structure. If they seize this opportunity it can become a huge plus but if they let it linger with out concrete direction it could be something that creates tension and resistance.


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