AIN President bulletin: Launching our new website to promote Applied Improvisation

We have created and launched a new website to promote Applied Improvisation to prospective clients.  As you know, we already have a great website for talking to each other: this new site is for us to talk to the world, letting people know the value that AI practitioners can bring to organisations and communities, as trainers, facilitators and inspirers of creativity. It also has a sensational new logo, thanks to our very own Bård Brænde.

Please take a look here, let us know how to improve the site, and recommend it to any potential clients you can think of.  If you’d like to be listed on the site as a Practitioner, then check out the sign-up process below.

Also please remember the invitation to share your inspirational, provocative and educational stories with us from September 20-23 at the AIN 2012 World Conference in San Francisco  We’re trying something new for this ‘Be The Change’ conference, with some shorter sessions: Find out all of the details and submit your session proposal before the deadline of March 15 at:

Cheers, Paul Z Jackson, AIN President


Would you like to be listed as an Applied Improviser on the new AIN public-facing website?    

We’ve created this new website to promote Applied Improvisation to prospective clients and the public at large. We want to get experienced AI practitioners on the website and the AIN board has agreed on some criteria for deciding who to feature at the start.

We aim to increase the prospect of you getting more work by listing you on a site which understands and can explain to potential buyers the benefits of what you have to offer.  It is putting forward Applied Improvisation as an exciting, proven approach to developing capacity and change in individuals, teams, organisations and communities. 

We may eventually have a listing of all AI practitioners, perhaps with the most experienced in a more prominent position. For now the plan is to start with experienced AI practitioners, so we can raise the profile of the profession and see if AIN can succeed in generating more interest for those members who want to build their businesses through this route.

1. To get on the new client-facing AI website, you will need to qualify via a points system (described below):

2. If you qualify and want to be listed on the new website:

  • You will submit your bio, and a description of your services here.  You will be directed to Paypal to pay $99 which gets you 2 years of being listed on the website, as long as you fit the criteria set by AIN.

How to Qualify

You qualify by collecting a minimum of 10 points. There are 2 distinct categories for collecting points. One category is for supporting the AIN community, the other category is for the practice of and advancement of Applied Improvisation outside of AIN. You must have a minimum of 4 points in each category. (In other words, you can’t get all 10 points from one category).

The points earned for meeting each criteria are indicated in parentheses. You may be asked to submit names, dates, links as appropriate to support your points.

Direct Support of AIN

(Must get a minimum of 4 points from this section. The maximum number of points for each question is in brackets – eg you get only one point maximum for attending AIN regional meetings.)

1. Attending an AIN regional meeting within the last two years (1)

2. Producing content for the AIN website by writing a minimum of 10 original-content blog posts (or equivalent, eg running one of our surveys, submitting case studies, etc. (1)

3. Attending an AIN conference (1 point per conference with a maximum of 3 pts in this category. To gain these points, you may only count conferences attended in the past 5 years.)

4. Leading an Open Space session at an AIN conference in the past 5 years (1)

5. Leading a published session at an AIN conference in the past 3 years (2)

6. Leading a published session at an AIN regional meeting (1)

7. Organizing local/regional AIN events, as listed on the website (1)

8. Play a key role in developing AIN in one of the following ways: been on the conference committee or on the AIN board over the past 2 years (1)

Practicing Applied Improvisation outside of AIN
(Must get a minimum of 4 points from this section.)

1. Publishing or translating a book with a theme or chapter of Applied Improvisation (2)

2. Publishing an article in a professional publication, with applied improvisation as key content (1)

3. Publishing a blog (outside of the AIN ning) of at least 15 posts over the past 18 months with applied improvisation as key content (1)

4. Given a TEDx talk or made a TV appearance in the past year with applied improvisation as key content. (1)

5. Posted a podcast or vidcast currently on the Internet with applied improvisation as key content (1)

6. Given workshops, webinars or online courses (outside of AIN) in the past year with applied improvisation as key content (1 pt per workshop topic, with a maximum of 2 pts, NOTE:not the same content done 2 times)

7. Made a professional (non AIN) appearance (e.g., speaking in front of a business executive, non-profit or academic group), with applied improvisation as key content. (1)

8. Positive testimonials or quotes from a client mentioning applied improvisation as part of the assignment (1)

9. Have taught Train the Trainer workshops or written a book with a theme of training trainers. (2)

10. Peer recommendation from someone already qualified to be listed on the website. (1)

11. Have your own website for clients that has applied improvisation as key content (1)

Submissions will be checked by a group authorized by the AIN board and there will be an editorial group that will keep an eye on the content of the website.

This is what will appear on the website once you qualify and pay $99



Name of your organization

Website and/or links


Phone number

Location of operations

Services offered

One or two client testimonials

One paragraph of free description (max 200 words)

A list of tags of your choice which will be searchable and possibly visible

Point calculator:  you can use the form at  (Currently it can’t display your results back to you immediately using the qualification form - but we are working on it!)


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Unfortunately the link to the new webiste does not seem to be working! I will be teaching a new class here at the Intl. School where I work with PreMBAs called "Developing Leadership Skills through Improvisation" Should be fun as I'm going in blind with no books or texts to help me out, unless one of you has suggestions!!

See you all in September,


Pamela Astarte

This is fantastic!  I can well imagine how much work it took!  Thank you so much for this great service to the field.

Paul, I'd love to talk with you (or someone else involved with forming AIN) about your experience creating such a network.  I'm helping to start Playback North America -- a network for the 76+ Playback Theatre companies in the US, Canada and Mexico.  We just held our first gathering last June, and are about to launch a social networking site.  Would love to learn from your experience, and also have a relationship between AIN (of which we're members) and Playback North America, as I view Playback as a form of applied improvisation.  Would you contact me?  

Warm regards and appreciation -- Anne Ellinger, True Story Theater, Boston, 781-962-6363

This is AWESOME!  You guys have done an amazing job!  I LOVE the website. 

1 question: can I list our company instead of myself as an individual on the site?

Thanks Burgert, currently we've opted for listing individuals, who can of course link direct from their profiles to their company websites.

Wow, I'm really impressed with the new website and with the thought you've all put into the system for qualifying AI practitioners. I need to review and digest it more thoroughly before commenting with more detail, but from a quick review I can only imagine that this is a great way to:
1. Boost participation in the network -real time and online
2. Increase quality in our our learning and growth.
3. Collaborate in promoting and marketing
4. Help those of us passionate about AI to get more clients and work.

My only sadness is to not be more a part of AIN in this last two years, and to understandably not also to have been included in this process more (though I know there were some Opps earlier that I neglected due to my own personal circumstances.) I'm happy to have contributed as much as I did in the 3 years before, especially with building this site though. I'm excited to say that I have been busy with lots of AI work -personal, professional, Org and community based. And that I'm 90% likely to come to SF this year. I look forward to seeing you all soon!
With love,


Why only 90%.

You know you want to........

See you in SF :)


Hehe...just saw this -Yeah, I'm coming.  Look forward to seeing your smile and hearing your laugh Alan :)


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