Hey there AINers!


I'm very excited to see y'all in Baltimore. While there, I'd like to convene a session on using applied improvisation on a virtual platform (Conference calls, online classrooms, etc). I don't have any answers about this yet, but I figure I can ask some good questions of y'all and maybe together we can create some brilliance in this area.


Is there anyone out there wrestling with these questions who would like to lead this session with me?  We'll make it up together!





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I have no clue how to make this work, but I do have experience working with remote teams and would be interested in discovering new techniques. Have you found a co-facilitator yet?

I'm VERY interested in using applied improvisation in virtual platforms, particularly for hybrid events - that is conferences or meetings where there is an on-site experience that offers live-streaming or pods for remote attendees. Count me in!   :)
Count me in on this, too! I have played around with various forms in virtual settings. Some terrific and some awkward. I can't make the conference this year, but would definitely join in a virtual discussion/experimentation.


 I would love to participate in this one as well.


I did Skype-prov once between Italy and US but it was very short and rudimentary and informal.



I would definitely be interested in this. I've been approached several times about doing this and haven't quite wrapped my head around it. Would love to brainstorm with and learn from others!

Hi Holly,


I'm looking forward to joining the virtual improv session. In my work at Senior Center Without Walls, I conduct a weekly improv group for homebound seniors on a telephone conference call. Lots of laughter and fun!


I'm brand new to AIN, and not ready to co-facilitate, but will certainly join in discussion.


See you there,


    Holly, I'd love to participate in this session as well.  I have experience on a couple of virtual platforms (Maestro Conference and Go To Meeting / Webinar) and have thought a lot about this.

    In part, it seems like a virtual improv on the phone is a little like an in-person improv with your eyes closed.   Meaning that the non-verbal / visual signals are gone ... (you can't literally throw a ball at me to signal it's my turn, and if I want to join you ... I can't let you know that by just walking into the scene) ... but the audio cues are still there. 

    And with platforms like Maestro or nConnects there is a visual for the host (so people can raise their hands to join something, etc.) ... 

    I'd love to talk more / play with the ideas more if you're interested.  And would be happy to co-lead a session with you.  Would you be interested in doing a virtual 'play some ideas out' session in the next couple weeks prior to and/or after the conference?  


-- Beth



Thanks Holly, that sounds great--- I've definitely been asked to lead online stuff, and I've always turned them down because I can't quite figure out how to make it work. 

 I'll definitely show up for this session!

If you really need a co-leader and don't have one by the time this session rolls around, just grab me in Baltimore....

Yours in play,



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