Facilitating Collaborative Decision-Making – a full day pre-conference workshop with Sarah Fisk, PhD

Collaborative Decision-Making is similar to Improvisation in that it relies on the interplay of structure and freedom.  When people come together to make collective, sustainable decisions they need enough structure to give them “rules to play by” and enough freedom to create a new reality within those rules.

This insightful workshop introduces the Team Thinking Model, a widely respected conceptual framework for understanding the dynamics of group decision-making based in the logic of this interplay between structure and freedom. It will introduce concepts, many practical tools, and practice activities, including a step-by-step system for building consensus and reaching closure that can be modified to fit different groups and circumstances.  Discussion will be tailored to the needs of participants and include application of improvisational principles to work settings of all kinds where decisions are being made.

Having taught collaboration and facilitation of group decision-making since 1995, this is the first time I will be presenting at AIN. I am thrilled! Please come expecting a full day of engagement and learning. It will be fun and unforgettable!  But why wait?  Feel free to post right here, right now - any questions you have or any comments, hopes for the workshop, ideas about AI and decision-making, experiences you have had, etc.

 And in case you are interested, here is my relevant bio:

Sarah Fisk, Ph.D., is a widely respected expert in Collaboration and Group Facilitation.  She is known throughout the USA for her consulting skills and her
expertise in collaborative process design, consensus-building and group

Sarah is a co-author of the internationally acclaimed Facilitator’s Guide to
Participatory Decision-Making and a Senior Associate at Community At Work, a San
Francisco-based consulting firm that specializes in collaboration and participatory processes.  The international Association of Facilitators website describes Community At Work as “one of the leading facilitation and consulting firms in the US.”

Sarah holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and she has been a practicing consultant and group facilitator for 20 years.  She spends the majority of
her working time as a professional collaboration specialist. Her client-organizations are from a variety of fields: science, health care, engineering, education, high tech, and grassroots community groups.

She teaches Community At Work’s signature workshop, GROUP FACILITATION SKILLS, 6-10 times per year, and her programs are almost always sold out.  
Over the past 13 years, Sarah has been taught this workshop in many locations
around the globe: Kenya, England, France, Germany, Spain, The Philippines and
more than 20 cities throughout North America.

"Sarah is a true genius at facilitation", James Whipple, CEO, Marshall Medical Center, El Dorado County, California

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Simon, you are so intuitive it is amazing!
Years of practice, you know... ;-)
Here's an unsolicited testimonial: I had Sarah do a session like this for the trainers in my company Playfair and it was Fantastic! Sensational! Fabulously useful!
Can you tell that I liked it a lot?
You know, Matt, if I am reading correctly between the lines, I have a sense that the session was "not bad at all"... ;-)
Am looking forward to the session, Sarah. No questions so far, only an answer... YES! ;-)
Excellent! That makes 2 of us at the very least.
Hi Sarah, this sounds wonderful, and I'm hoping to at least drop in! Please bring some of your books, if you have room.
I will do, Paul. I look forward to seeing you.


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