Attached are my personal notes (16 typed pages) that I took during pre-conference and conference. Some of those notes may include my personal notes/comments to myself on how I may use certain learnings at my company. I'm so happy I re-typed them because I had forgotten many things due to overload and now I'm using this as an addendum to my current training document. I've successfully used several exercises with my performance group as well as with a new client within 48 hours of returning from Baltimore. Thank you to all who organized and attended because I learned so much from everyone  ... and made some great new friends.



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See REVISED NOTES entry for revised document.
Gina, love your notes, but mildly distressed that you don't mention me as the facilitator of Games To Solve Problems.  I'm pretty sure that I was there...  yes, I do remember bits of it!  (Matt was there too).
LOL! That's horrible of me. You should be distressed. Yes you were there AND I typed the wrong name! You were fabulous!
Thanks Gina ! I feel the same as Al


Thanks, Gina. I missed the opening evening, and no one can be everywhere during Open Space, so this is mighty valuable!

My pleasure!
Thanks, Gina.  You are a champ among champions!
Better than being a chimp. :-)
unless you are a chimp among peons!
Gina thank you sooooo much for posting your notes!  Couldn't make it to the conference and even just a sip of *someone's* learning experience eases that "I'm missing out on everything!" angst.
My pleasure. Hope they make sense. :-)


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