Hey there. I want to go to Poland and teach some improv.  Not "applied" at this point, just scene skills, maybe improvising opera, stuff like that.  Anyone have any contacts/ideas?


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I've taught in Poland twice.  Both times in Lodz.  I had a theater hire me to teach The Life Game (Keith Johnstone referred me) and the second time was part of a program to bring arts to children.  It was a wonderful time.  I could not have done it without sponsorship and an amazing translator.  Should you do it?  Yes.  Poland is amazing.

William.  Thanks for the encouragement.  Yes, from what I see/hear, Poland is wildly creative and innovative.  I do have a contact there.  AND I'm hoping to do some applied improv too.  Innovation is big there, and all the innovation work I did at Google will most likely help pave a way for me.  I'm excited.  And great seeing you!


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