Does anyone know of any studies that demonstrate the value of Improv in enhancing the creativity, collaboration, andor communication skills of individuals and groups? I do corporate work and those who are considering engaging me are often data and Return-on-Investment oriented. Ideal would be a designed study published in a peer-review journal, but anything above and beyond individual anecdotes would be helpful. Jim Tosone (

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Okay...This research isn't exactly about Improv, but it is about laughter, and we can certainly make that connection

and you can listen to the segment at:


Ruthie Levikoff

Thanks very much, Ruthie. Regards, Jim

Hi all - i just found this site: - a lot of it stems about musical improv but the 'Improv and Social Policy' one looks interesting:

  1. In what ways do the practices of contemporary improvisation both reflect and inform ideas about social change?
  2. How can research into the relationship of improvisation and social policy inform improvisational practices that are specifically tailored to address social problems?

Might have to delve deeper for the statistics but let me know if you find anything of interest. 


Thanks, Liane. I will check it out. Regards, Jim
I would love this very same information!
You can can find a list of articles on and Burget's thesis on provides academic reseach background.

Thank you so much for providing this list!   While I'm a little late to the game, this is immensely helpful!  

Frederique, thank you very much. Both of these references contain information that I will be able to use.
Check out Keith Sawyer's work...I think one of his books is called "Group Genius." He's a well respected academic.
Karen, thanks very much for letting me know about this book. I have looked at its description and it looks like a worthwhile read. I have ordered a copy.
Indirectly, yes. Daniel Pink's book "A Whole New Mind" is awesome, and I am using it in teaching a course in Creativity and Right Livelihood (MBA level course). While not explicitily improv, many of the principles are very relevant.

A great book.
I'm trying to meld the concepts from that with the ones from Pam Mayer's book and the one on Carrot Culture....
All sorts of fun!


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