At AIN11, I heard somebody mention she wanted to start a Journal of Applied Improvisation. Unfortunately, I forgot who said that. 

In the meantime, I have discussed the possibility of a special issue on improvisation in a respected scientific Journal on creativity and innovation management. They are open to exploring this idea.

Does anybody know who's idea it was to start an Applied Improvisation Journal and ask her/them to contact me?

Also, if you have got connections to the leading scholars in the field or improvisation literature (such as Dusya Vera, Mary Crossan, Michael Pina e Cunha, Joao Vieira da Cunha or others with publications who are still researching improv), I'd like to reach them too.

I'll keep the AIN posted as this project develops.


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I am not sure I can jump on to this project this year, but I am definitely interested in supporting the launch and generating the research to be published in the aforementioned journal.

Hi Mark,


If we start with a special issue at another magazine, the timeline will be around two years untill that issue is printed, and about a year until the application for papers closes. So we've got a bit of time.

What are you working on?



I've been talking to a few folks from the conference about ways to embed some surveys into a training program pre- and post- and then set things up so that we could test statistically for an effect.  There are lots of ways to do this - just depends upon who has what opportunities and how to put it together.  For me I have a lot going on at the moment so it couldn't be right away, but I wouldn't have to shoulder the entire project either if we got several folks to start with something.



Mark, you should speak to Burgert Kirsten, who allready has devised a pre- and post-test for a training. Maybe we can have AIN circulate this among the members (after we make it applicable for our purposes). You can find his thesis here

Who have you been talking to? Could they help with this undertaking?

Gijs, I clicked on the link you supplied and looked briefly at some of the material. It is a good resource, thanks for sharing it. Several of us who met during the higher ed session talked about using a pre-test/post-test in our classes as part of a broad interdisciplinary study. I am willing to explore this with a trial during the upcoming fall term. Is anyone else interested in something along these lines?

I'll e-mail Burgert to come and join this discussion, maybe you could mail the people you spoke to at the higher ed session if they would be interested in getting some research going.

At the conference I spoke with lots of folks about a journal. I believe it would be a tremendous step forward in raising awareness and establishing academic credibility. A forum for exchanging ideas and an outlet for publishing would be additional benefits. Academic journals provide an important entry point from which to join the on-going scholarly discourse. It would be amazing to be a part of the new Journal of Applied Improvisation.


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