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Comment by William Hall on August 20, 2008 at 7:01am
MEETING: August 28 at 6:30pm!
Whether you're a resident of the Bay Area or travelling through (like Lou Hie is!), everyone is welcome.
Thursday, August 28, 2008; 6:30 til 9:30 pm
6:30 - 7 pm arriving, connecting and snacking - please arrive in time for this... it is an important part of our gathering.
7-9:30 pm - evening program (includes a break)

Lou Hie, the hostess for the AIN conference in Japan in March of 2009 will be in town, staying with Yael. It would be great for you to meet her and hear about some of the plans.

There are a lot of new members to the Regional group, so it seems the right time, after 2 years, to revisit the objectives of our Regional Gatherings with a game of "35" -- to help us identify the top 5 things that would make us eager to attend.

Please RSVP "yea" for this date to ... the numbers will help define the gathering location.

Don't forget to bring either a finger food or beverage to share.
Hope you can make it!
Sue Walden& Cheryl
Regional Gathering coordinators
Comment by Ann Feehan on September 2, 2008 at 2:13pm
About our 8/28/08 SF Bay Area meeting:

My takeaway: it is so fun to get together with the wise and playful AIN group.

We played Thiagi's "35" game to get the answer to the question “what would bring us to AIN meetings”. The overall winner was to “play new games”. And we agreed on a minimum of three games each meeting. There was also a strong interest in case study whether in looking at design, soliciting exercises, getting feedback on an exercise. An underlying theme was the desire to learn from each other.

Talia made a great suggestion to keep it all in our bodies by trying to balance the time spent experiencing/debriefing a game with the time analyzing the uses of the game and further game design. I suggested that we all post our “takeaway” on the AIN website for our SF Group so that others who are considering coming have a sense of the meetings and create momentum.

We ended up with not three but six games/exercises for the evening. Jill introduced us to a fun ice breaker “Fruit Salad” (find your “strawberry” partner and put your hands together, find your “watermelon” partner….). Christopher brought us a group sound concert where we matched tones. Our two closing exercises: the “learning cauldron” formed by hooking our thumbs together and the other was a challenge where we had to move ourselves 180 degrees around a circle while keeping our feet touching our neighbor.

Still need a space for our next meeting – which will be after the AIN Conference in Chicago.

Attending: Sue Walden (host and co-leader), Cheryl Gould (co-leader), Kurt Bodden, Talia, Yael Schy. New faces: Jill Eickmann, Christopher Eickmann, Rich Cox and Lou Hie visiting SF from Hong Kong.

My post meeting take-away: there is a cool bar on Polk and Broadway and you really can talk for hours about improv.
Comment by William Hall on September 2, 2008 at 8:12pm
thanks for the notes Ann...sounds like a lot of fun.
Comment by William Hall on September 22, 2008 at 9:49pm

This is a photo taken at one of our meetings...where I brought in a little bit of mask work.
Comment by Dan Weiss on October 3, 2008 at 5:01pm
HI, All:
I am planning some local (South Bay) games for non-theater people and was wondering if you all had experienced any good formats, etc for getting the newer players into the game...
is there a resource for creating events and classes?
I have experience in the doing but in the facilitating not so much.

Comments welcome, and I hope to be able to come to the city sometime for fun!



PS: I hope this is an open group and I am not crashing - let me know if there is some vetting or hazing that happens to be in the SF group!

Comment by Ann Feehan on November 8, 2008 at 1:22pm
Just mentioning that we have a meeting this Wednesday evening, Nov 12 2008. East Bay Location...
Comment by Matt Weinstein on November 13, 2008 at 7:12pm
Three games we played at the Regional AIN meeting:

Shoot First (On Your Feet from Sean Kinley)---
Circle. Call out someone’s name. That person ducks while the two people on either side of them pivot towards them and pull out their “guns” and shoot at each other.
If they both shoot at the same time, call another name.
The one who dies calls out the next name.
If the person whose name is called gets caught in the crossfire, s/he dies.
If you draw your weapon when it is not your turn, you die.
Cort’s version: the “dead” person steps into the center and calls out the name, and then steps back into the circle and continues to play after the next person is shot and steps into the center.

Henk: 1-2-3
Partners: Alternate saying 1-2-3-1-2-3….etc
Substitute clap for one
Then (after a short while) jump for two
Then (after a short while) wiggle/shake for three
Keep “counting”/ alternating
We also tried this around a circle.

Liselotte: Egg, Bird, Human
Everyone starts out as eggs, and mills around making the egg motion (hand over head) and egg sound (beeping)
Then practice the bird sound and motion, and the human sound and motion (these can be solicitated/co-created with the players)
Everyone starts the game as an egg.
Two eggs meet up and have combat:
each person puts out fingers on one hand from zero to five and adds them up. If the total is odd, the person with the higher # of fingers out is the winner. If it's even, the person with the lower # of fingers is the winner.
The winner evolves into a bird. Birds find each other and have combat until one evolves into a human and the other devolves back into an egg.
All (evolving) eggs, birds, and humans do battle with each other over and over.
After two minutes all remaining humans are the winners.
Comment by Ann Feehan on November 14, 2008 at 6:58pm
More notes re Bay Area Regional AIN Meeting
Wed 12/12/08 in Berkeley, CA

In attendance - Rita Venturini, Paul, Sue Walden, Cheryl Gould, Cort Worthington, Matt Weinstein, Talia, Blue Venturini, Lynn Travis, Ann Feehan

Theme: Bringing back exercises and experiences from the Chicago AIN Conference

It was a special meeting. We played 10 exercises – most from the Chicago conference! And debriefed them. In rather sublime ways. In the second half of the meeting, we took time out to sit on the floor/bench, and people talked about their experience at being at the conference and how unique the feeling is to be with others who are so open about learning, sharing, and discovering.

Had a discussion about how the background we have affects our perspective and vocabulary. Besides representations of main “performer” and “business” perspectives, at the meeting we had a therapist, a PhD in neurology, a scientist, an MBA/filmmaker, an educator and an eight-year old. A simple game like French telephone was raised from a fun, almost decadent, exercise to a learning experience about perception of nonverbal behavior, understanding group momentum, a method to enable a group to overcome resistance for the next piece of the training, or a way to explore the obstacle that self-consciousness can bring to keeping focus,

Matt has explained 3 exercises in wonderful detail in his entry. The entire ten exercises were: French telephone, the Samurai game (with gushes of sound as you throw sounds from person to person), the 1 jump-2 clap-3 wave game (see Matt’s entry), playing the James Bond spy dance, an amazing slow-motion pie throw, the Evolution game (the “egg game” Matt describes), the Shoot Out. I loved the Roshambo exercise where whoever “loses” roshambo becomes the cheerleader for the winner in that person’s next match.

Cheryl demonstrated a fun, new exercise where as pairs we found a two-syllable word. Each member of the pair “took” their syllable in search of other word pairings as part of a larger group. You could have participants give the definition of new syllable pairings.

And we closed with the “cauldron of learning” where we linked thumbs and shared what we had got from the night. Blue (Rita & Paul’s son, took a photo of us through the learning cauldron that will be posting sometime before our next meeting!
Comment by Kare Anderson on November 21, 2008 at 10:25am
Idea: I'd like to explore showcasing the talents of members here in the Bay Area next June when the international conference of IABC meets in S.F. & I speak at it again - this time on Communicate to Collaborate.

Those interested; we could set up a time to talk by phone and then in person if it seems worthwhile.

To learn a bit about IABC (many members are in a position to refer you for paid sessions for their organizations) peruse these if you like:
Comment by Andrew Gaines on January 30, 2009 at 8:39am
Hi all,

Discovered the AIN a few days ago and am pleased to have it in my life. Just yesterday conversed with a member who lives in Beirut, just after seeing the raw, powerful Waltz with Bashir.

Just last night a friend informed me of a "Moment's Notice" -- a Performance Series devoted to improvised music, dance and theater in the Bay area.

Next evening is February 21 in Berkeley.

Looking forward to connecting with y'all soon.

Andrew Gaines


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