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Alieke van der Wijk
Alieke van der Wijk is the co-founder of Troje Training en Theater, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Troje Training en Theater stimulates change: we support the design, implementation and embedding of change, using performative interventions.

After having worked as an anaesthetic nurse for several years, Alieke van der Wijk left her job in order to begin Social & Educational Studies. Graduating three years later she started work in the cultural sector, with a particular interest in those activities directed towards change and training. Outside working hours, her passion for improvisation theatre was taking up more and more of her time. Then she discovered how the laws of theatre and communication could be combined, with exciting consequences. It was time to put it all into practice, and Troje Training and Theatre is the result.

Troje does all sort of things in the broad spectrum of training and theatre, always combining elements from both worlds in various ways. Awareness, attitude and behaviour are keywords in all our work. Of course we do training, with the use of the rules and tools of the improv-player. And we also deliver al sorts of programmes, conferences, workshops, etc in different formats and on very various topics.

Her main interest in (applied) improv is to provide pleasure, inspire interaction, and encourage (creative) thinking. To enable open dialogue about sensitive issues. No judgements are made, nothing is being held up as being right or wrong.
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Education, Networking, Finding Partnerships, Improv Resources
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At 6:03pm on April 19, 2009, Kujo Akira said…
Hello Alieke,

I'm happy you felt Japan was wonderfull.
You'll go to Paroland?
I could go.
I envy you.
Let's keep in touch via the web.
At 10:43am on April 17, 2009, Brad Fortier said…

Hi back, and it is always good to see/hear from you too. I hope all is well with your life and family. Many happy returns. Cheers.

At 5:52am on February 9, 2009, Hikaru ”LOU” Hie said…
Hi Alieke!!!

Thank you sooo much for registering Asia Conference!
I will be taking care of the hotel booking.

The booking would be.. (if you are gonna join the short trip before the conference)
15th Tresto Inn
16th Hakone hot spring
17th - 23rd (c/o) Tresto Inn..

Here's the info on the hot spring.

so far... Sue, Yael, Raymond, Kerstin, Tomi are coming.
and some Japanese folks!!
At 10:55am on December 14, 2008, gary hirsch said…
second send to make sure you got this?

Alieke (I sent this to Henk's e-mail as well, but realized I did not have your e-mail so I am sending this to you via AIN)

Hello Hello
It has been a few weeks since our reconnecting in Chicago, and I am just now getting my shit together to think about a future trip to the Netherlands. I wanted to bounce my initial plan off you to see how it sounds, if the invitation to come still holds, and get a clear picture of how it might look. I am excited to make this work if it works for you as well.

In early August my family and I would like to come to Amsterdam for 3-4 weeks. We would be looking to do a house swap with someone in Amsterdam that would be interested in staying in our house in Portland at that same time. Ideally if we can find a house in a quiet area of the city that was easy to get to places from that would be ideal, any thoughts on this would be welcome, we have no idea even where to begin looking.

One idea is for the whole family to come, but I would be looking to do about 6-10 days worth of work during this time, either in Holland, or one flight away in other European cities. I will look to Lizzie and Rob from OYF to see if we have clients in Holland ( Philips, etc.) that I might work with during this time. I would also be excited to find working in conjunction with you, either from your existing client base( if that makes sense) or a new client that we could deliver work with together.

It would also be great to see you in action with a client, perform with you, run a workshop for your clients/friends, etc. Any or all of these ideas sound great to me.
As a family we would use our Amsterdam house as a base and venture out on 1-2 day bicycle outings during this time as well. We would leave Holland at the end of the month and go to Spain for two weeks before heading home.

That is the fantasy. what do you think?
At 10:08pm on November 10, 2008, gary hirsch said…
Amsterdam mid June...what do you think?
At 2:08pm on July 8, 2008, Edwin van Koeverden said…
Hoi Alieke,

Leuk om te horen dat er een Hollandse versie in het najaar in de planning staat. Ik ben graag van de partij.

At 5:36pm on July 4, 2008, Hikaru ”LOU” Hie said…
BTW.... did you know this? I just found it!

I think I am gonna contact them!!!!!
At 9:13am on July 4, 2008, Hikaru ”LOU” Hie said…
Hey Hey Alieke!!!!

Thank you sooo much for your comment and sooooo sorry for my late comment back...
I have been working like a DOG! real 24-7...

I'm spreading the word that there will be a conference in Tokyo next year!

I have been working on it sooo hard!!
I am putting my ideas together into powerpoint.. will send it to you within a couple of weeks.

>And of course I'm planning to come too.

You are sooo cool!!

>I was thinking to come a week earlier or stay a bit longer to see and learn more about Japan and your work there. Is there a chance that I can see you at work to see how you apply improv in your culture.

It will be in my powepoint! will be great!

>We could even do a session together!?

It is what I would really LOVE to do!

I have one more tough week to go... and things will start calming down... so that I can concentrate myself into Asia Conference Planning!

please keep in touch!


At 7:52am on June 25, 2008, Matt Weinstein said…
Hi Alieke***
I sent Randy Dixon an email, and I'll let you know what I hear from him!
At 4:53am on June 21, 2008, Matt Weinstein said…
Hi Alieke***
It was fun playing with you in Trondheim!
I wanted to ask you about the meetings hosted by the guy in Seattle that you and Henk attend that we talked about.... okay, so I've forgotten all the names, but you know what I'm talking about, the one that just met on Orcas Island! Anyway, I'd love to join you in some of those meetings, so please see if you can get me on the invite list.
Yours in play,

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