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At 8:39am on July 31, 2013, Al Razavi said…

Hello Belina, Yes, I am in California.

At 12:53pm on September 26, 2012, Asaf Ronen said…

Thanks, Belina, but I don't feel like we REALLY got to hang. You may have to visit Austin so we can improve on that!

At 4:56am on September 6, 2012, DENISE NOEL said…

Yes thank you I would love to!


At 10:04am on June 26, 2012, mark trezona said…

wow that a swift welcome. Thank you. very pleased to be here.

At 1:27am on May 8, 2012, Caspar Siebel said…

Hi Belina,

for the event in Brighton I could offer a servicer design workshop. We'd develop a perfect service in just one session. The type of service will be chosen live. Maybe a studyprogramm, or a coffee shop. I am developing this format for my master thesis. I mapped improv principles to service design principles, so I can use warm up exercises in a way they create physical output, namely a great service concept. I keep the format accessible to non improvisors, so there are not many stage-formats. What do you think? BTW: You can find more about what I am doing here:

At 3:45am on April 10, 2012, Michael Giddings said…

Hi Belina - I've just accepted the invite for 8 May event but afraid I cannot make today's (10 April)  Mike

At 3:12pm on February 21, 2012, Francis Norton said…

I'm really interested in using improv skills for service design, which is a very user-centred activity.

Gamestorming is full of workshop-style exercises, many of which are relevant to service design.

From an improv perspective, I see most of these exercises as basically different ways of doing shared story-telling, which is itself an incredibly powerful and different approach to the domains of design and management.

I'd like to do a session using a couple of selected Gamestorming exercises to illustrate and explore an improv approach to service design, and using these tools.

At 6:26am on December 20, 2011, Dave Bourn said…

Thank you so much for coming to the show tonight. Asking me "what was your favourite scene?" was my favourite question of the drinks afterwards. No one (except an improviser) asks that kind of question after a show. Anyhoo on reflection my favourite scene was on top of Nelson's Column.  Dx

ps either your computer is set to a different time zone or you sent your "great show" message BEFORE you saw the show :)

At 6:49am on October 18, 2011, Daniel Dresner said…

Hi Belina

I have another appointment that evening!! We will meet one day though!

What am I missing by the way? What happens and who goes?

All best



At 8:06am on October 10, 2011, Daniel Dresner said…

Thanks Belina but I cannot make this meeting. See you at the next one?

All the best



At 2:37am on October 6, 2011, Caitlin Evans said…

Hi Belinda,


Thanks for the message! Will be up for that for sure!



Going to spread the word

Look forward to meeting you too


At 2:07am on October 6, 2011, Francis Norton said…
Looking forward to it!
At 12:57am on October 6, 2011, Stephen Moss said…

Hi Belina

Thanks for the contact. Greetings! I can't see two profiles - but maybe it's my shadow showing up somewhere. I can't make the 11th - not in the UK that day (maybe my shadow will turn up, so who knows....?). Stephen

At 7:20am on September 30, 2011, Stuart Reid said…

Hi Belina - thanks for following up my conversation with Paul. I would indeed like to run an AIN session on improv and facilitation, but I'm not sure when yet. I have a busy couple of months coming up, but this is something I'll come back to at the end of the year - I'll drop you a line then to explore dates with you, if that's ok.


Cheers for now,


At 9:03am on August 27, 2011, Robert Lowe said…


Just had you in my mind again as happens often.Did you know that if two people fall in love via Twitter they are called tweet hearts?

 LLLJ to you.


(For future reference - Love, Light, Laughter, and Joy). It's my new communication world tag.

At 7:20pm on July 1, 2011, Rahul George said…

Hi Belina

loved the pics...where was this workshop held.

I was reminded of the mask workshop that keith had (on sale on DVD) and I couldnt get enough of the dvd ;-)


At 6:18pm on June 20, 2011, Robert Lowe said…

First, thank you, and the "board of being," for the gift of my attendance.

Next, please know that the guiding rule in this universe is that one receives 10 times for each mote that is  given. I have received more than my due (10 thousand for each, ten million for many, infinity for the whole.)

Finally, for now, there are those who say, or have said, that we will change the world with this or that, and it may or may not happen. When Belina Raffy says we will change the world with Improvisation it is value in the Karma bank.

Not if; when! Not when, now! Not why; because! Not how; this way as

demonstrated by the manner in which you walk - not talk - walk, on our fine earth - with grace, and greatful reverence, the sound of laughter following, surrounding, leading the what and the how, defining who we are, who we wish to be, who we are becoming, who we call to us. 



At 8:48pm on May 16, 2011, Robert Lowe said…
Brighton sounds like a lovely exploration. Sorry not to have been there.
At 1:05am on December 7, 2010, Hikaru ”LOU” Hie said…
How was your gathering last weekend?
AIN TOKYO Gathering & Sharing went just GRAET!!
Lots to catch up with you and the team :D

Happy Holidaysxoxo

At 12:24am on August 16, 2010, Jani Turku said…
I have tested the sample you sent, and even though there might be some very small amounts, it doesn't seem so that should be worried. Drop me an email if you need more precise info!

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