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If you're new to this site or the concept of Applied Improv, you should probably start by first visiting this FAQ page to get your basic questions answered. Please see this guide for tips on how to use the AIN site. You can also watch video tutorials on using this site.

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We have created and launched a new website to promote Applied Improvisation to prospective clients -

As you know, we already have a great website for talking to each other: this new site is for us to talk to the world, letting people know the value that AI practitioners can bring to organisations and communities, as trainers, facilitators and inspirers of creativity. It also has a sensational new logo, thanks to our very own Bård Brænde.

Please take a look here, let us know how to improve the site, and recommend it to any potential clients you can think of.  If you’d like to be listed on the site as a Practitioner, then check out the sign-up process on the discussion linked to this email here.

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